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        PVC die cutting

        2021-03-01 mf_dqsh 306


        Product description

        These customized die-cut foams are made of PVC, rubber, EVA, EPDM, PE, PU and other materials. 

        The shape is different, it is designed according to your requirementIt can manufacture a large number of engineering, construction and industrial components such as seals, 

        gaskets and mechanical belts. They are usually self-adhesive andeasy to install. We have professional machines to cut all kinds of shapes you want.


        1. Soft, flexible, shockproof, thermal insulation, flame retardant, weather resistance

        2. Lightweight and soft foam

        3. Durable and long service life

        Product Usage

        Automobiles, packaging, air conditioners, refrigerators, household applications, 

        refrigeration engineering, plus roller skates, linings and insoles for sports shoes, back cushion bags and boxes, surfboards.

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